Revolutionizing Truck Parking: The Rise of Private Solutions

In a 2019 survey called Jason’s Law, it was found that there are only 313,000 places for trucks to park in the United States. That might sound like a lot, but there are actually over 1.94 million trucks that drive on our roads. It’s no surprise then that 98% of truck drivers say they have trouble finding a place to park.

Recently, truck drivers have started using paid parking lots. These places offer clean and safe spots where drivers can leave their trucks overnight or for longer periods.

Big companies have used special yards for a long time, but now smaller trucking companies are also focusing on having private parking that drivers pay for. This is something the trucking industry really needs.

One of the leaders in this new kind of parking is Truck Parking Club. It’s a website and app that helps truck drivers book and pay for parking spots at private lots. According to the company, they’re adding about two new locations every day, each with just over 30 spots.

As of May 30, 2024, Truck Parking Club has 414 locations across the country with 13,134 spots in total. They’re proud to offer spots that were never available to the public before.

Evan Shelley, who started Truck Parking Club, says more than 3,000 of these spots used to be off-limits to the public. But now, thanks to the success of the app, more property owners are opening up their lots for truck parking.

Truck Parking Club has made it simple for drivers to find and pay for parking spots, which was a big problem before the app came along. This has attracted new trucking companies and parking lot owners, which the industry really needs.

However, finding safe and secure parking still costs truck drivers a lot of time and money.

Every day, truck drivers spend about an hour looking for parking. This adds up to about $5,500 in lost pay each year per driver. And since electronic devices track every hour that drivers are working, the time spent looking for parking eats into their legal driving time.

In a survey by the American Transportation Research Institute in 2023, truck parking was the second biggest issue for drivers, right after concerns about the economy.

Groups like the American Trucking Associations and state transportation departments have been pushing for more government money to build more truck parking spots, but so far, that hasn’t solved the problem. Even though the government gave $300 million to the states for parking in 2021, it only led to 1,000 new spots. That’s not enough to keep up with how fast the trucking industry is growing.

Private companies like Truck Parking Club are now the best hope for fixing this problem. They can create new parking spots faster than the government can.

Even though some drivers don’t like the idea of paying for parking, Truck Parking Club has shown it can provide more spots than government programs without using taxpayer money.

One of the best things about Truck Parking Club for drivers is that it stops them from wasting time driving around looking for spots. If drivers can see what spots are open and book one early in the day, they can drive when the roads are less busy.

Overall, the cost of losing pay, time, and fuel, plus the stress of finding a safe spot, is often more than what drivers pay for parking.

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